Can settler-led philanthropy advance reconciliation?

Why It Matters

While some settler-led philanthropic organizations have signed a declaration of action around reconciliation, Indigenous-led organizations continue to be underfunded. But a newly updated definitional matrix provides guidance for greater equity in philanthropy.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Can settler-led philanthropy advance reconciliation?. This independent journalism \u200b\u200bis made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering inclusion and anti-racism in the social impact world, supported by the World Education Services (WES) Mariam Assefa Fund. See our editorial ethics and standards here . The Circle on Philanthropy wants to see the philanthropic sector\u2019s commitments to reconciliation result in more funding for Indigenous-led organizations and hopes a revamped version of its Indigenous Definitional Matrix, otherwise known as the I4DM, will push the issue forward. Originally created by Indigenous women who were part of The Circle in 2018, along with Indigenous leaders from its wider network, the matrix was reva

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