Canada could decriminalize sex work — here’s how it could help support organizations get more funding

Sex workers are vulnerable to poverty and violence because of Canada’s laws and the stigma around their work

Why It Matters

While sex work is criminalized, social impact organizations are struggling to support sex workers who need help with finances, food, and other necessities — funders understanding and supporting their organizations could increase their economic resilience.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Canada could decriminalize sex work \u2014 here\u2019s how it could help support organizations get more funding. This journalism is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on women\u2019s economic resilience, supported by Scotiabank. See our editorial ethics and standards here. A coalition of sex workers were at the Superior Court of Ontario last month, arguing that the country\u2019s sex work laws are a threat to sex workers\u2019 constitutional right to security. The week-long hearing that began on Oct. 3 is challenging the laws making sex work illegal.\u00a0 Richochet Media reported that on the last day of the hearing, Chief Justice Goldstein, the judge overseeing the case, did not indicate when or if the decision to decriminalize th

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