New CanadaHelps report calls upon Canadians to protect its charitable sector, as donations continue to decline

CanadaHelps released its annual Giving Report and its predictions are grim.

Why It Matters

One in four Canadians will rely on charitable services in 2022, according to CanadaHelps projections, yet giving is on a steady decline.

CanadaHelps, an online fundraising and donation platform, just released its Giving Report for 2022. The results, while perhaps not surprising, are cause for alarm, the organization says.

The report contains several key findings, but all signs point to a continuing decline in the number of Canadians who donate, which spells trouble for many charities who rely on funding for the important and often life-saving services they provide.

Here are key insights for you to know.


More people will come to depend upon charitable services in the future

CanadaHelps predicts that one in four Canadians (26 percent) expect to use or already use charitable services to meet their basic needs in 2022. The number currently sits at 11 percent, according to their data.

The effects of

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