Canada’s SDG strategy: What now?

A Future of Good special report
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The Coronavirus pandemic derailed attention and, in many ways, progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Gender equity experts say progress has been set back by decades. The World Bank estimates 150 million people will be pushed into extreme poverty this year. Rates of household food insecurity, both globally and right here in Canada, have skyrocketed. 

At the same time, the pandemic has revealed clearly just how globalized the world is — and the deep ties between local and global economies and communities. 

COVID has also demonstrated the capacity governments and civil societies around the world have for taking action — in swift, coordinated, large-scale ways. Could the same be true of action on the SDGs? 

How are the SDGs and rebuilding the social impact sector interconnected? What will it take to fulfill Canada’s commitment to the SDGs within a post-COVID reality? How will we know when we make progress? Who’s at the decision-making tables on SDG strategy? Who’s pushing for action and change from the grassroots? 

We’ll explore these and more questions in an upcoming special report — coming soon.

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