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Who are Canada’s most equitable funders?

Institutional philanthropy and grantmaking has been around for more than 100 years but how inclusive and equitable are Canada’s funders?

Canada’s Top 50 Equitable Funders is an annual independent ranking and analysis that has two intentions: First, rigorously analyze, assess and publish the “say-do” gap — the shortfall between what funders want to achieve and what progress they are actually making when it comes to becoming more diverse, inclusive and equitable. And second, celebrate the 50 most equitable funders from across Canada as well as spotlight their approaches and practices through journalistic storytelling for the entire grantmaking ecosystem to learn.

Why does it matter?
It’s simple: What gets measured, gets done. And evidence has shown that good data and analysis as well as positive external and peer pressure when it comes to accountability, can help to accelerate progress on actions that matter. Currently there is no robust data or concrete sense of the accountability or progress when it comes to centring equity, inclusion and diversity among funders and grantmakers. Nor is there any spotlighting of grantmakers who are pushing the envelope and doing exceptional work in inclusion, equity and anti-racism. This work aims to change that.

Our vision is to enable systemic change in the grantmaking landscape. Over the next decade, success is when the lowest overall score gets higher each year, and there is an upward mobility of the overall scores, indicating that grantmakers are making genuine progress on centring diversity, equity and inclusion. The ranking also serves as a knowledge resource and learning tool for teams to understand patterns and areas of strength, as well as take action to work on areas of improvement.

The metrics include a range of markers including, DEI efforts, team and governance, transparency, application and reporting process, and more. In order to develop a rigorous methodology, research process and analysis, Future of Good has collaborated with QuakeLab, a research and strategy firm specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion practices. Future of Good’s role consists of leading the project, including conceptualizing the design, development and execution. Quakelab is the lead for research; methodology, analysis and data collection. Read more about our vision and mandates below.

Together, let’s celebrate promising practices, and enable a more inclusive and equitable grantmaking ecosystem in Canada.

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Future of Good’s purpose is to enable a smarter social purpose world. Future of Good produces insightful journalism, knowledge products and events that fuel learning, development and decision-making for social purpose teams. Our journalism, events and rankings are an essential professional resource for changemakers to make a bigger difference at work everyday. As part of our next 5-year strategic roadmap, we intend to launch a series of accountability tools, including annual rankings and indexes.

A note from Vinod Rajasekaran, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Future of Good

At Future of Good, we are deeply committed to fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity within the funding sector. We hope that this list serves as a catalyst for celebration as well as continuous improvement, inspiring foundations to reflect on their practices and strive for greater equity year on year.

Together with QuakeLab, we are pioneering a groundbreaking approach to assessing and ranking equitable funders, setting a new standard for transparency and accountability in our ecosystem.

QuakeLab is a full-stack equity and justice agency that provides the tools, expertise and methods to take your vision for inclusion from idea to action.

We use proven design thinking frameworks and results-based management to position diversity, equity, justice and inclusion as a functional and integrated part of your business structure. This means that we support organizations to not only build diversity, equity, and inclusion into strategy – but to integrate it into processes, culture, and systems for real, measurable change.

A note from Sharon Nyangweso, Founder and CEO, QuakeLab

QuakeLab is thrilled to be collaborating with Future of Good on the inaugural Top 50 Equitable Funders. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership into the future with the objective of making the funding landscape in Canada more just and equitable.

The Top 50 Equitable Funders project is strongly aligned with QuakeLab’s mission to build equity into the framework of our Communities, Companies, and Products. We are working to shift how we build—creating products, systems, and policies that make an impact.

We believe in building for excellence. Our tried and tested methodologies lead to higher adoption, scalable systems, and future-proof policies. So, it is no surprise that we took the lead on methodology and research for the Top 50 Equitable Funders ranking, while reinforcing the equity perspective.

At QuakeLab, we believe in playing the long game. Our partnership with Future of Good to radically change Canada’s funding landscape begins here, and will continue on into the future!

To learn more about us, or get in touch, visit the QuakeLab website:


Top 50 Equitable Funders is based on a rigorous methodology and taxonomy, grounded in racial and social justice theory and practice, and developed with input from research, philanthropic and social change leaders from across Canada. Read the detailed methodology.

Data Ethics and Privacy

For more information about the data ethics and privacy policy governing the Top 50 Funders Project, please find the privacy policy here.


Currently there is no concrete sense of the accountability or progress when it comes to centring equity, inclusion and diversity among funders and grantmakers.

Future of Good’s Top 50 Equitable Funders is an independent ranking that analyzes, assesses and publishes the “say-do” gap — the shortfall between what funders say they will achieve and what progress they are actually making when it comes to becoming more equitable.

Your organization only stands to gain by ensuring that it receives an optimal, improved and accurate final ranking. If you choose not to participate in the survey, the organization’s final score will only be reflective of the publicly available data from round 1.

Based on the research, an equitable funder stays informed about current and historical inequities – especially those imposed on Indigenous peoples in Canada – and takes responsibility for reducing barriers; an equitable funder is accessible, transparent, and trusting of the people and organizations that it funds; an equitable funder is actively aware of the intergenerational impacts of their funding and investing policies and procedures. Read more here.

The results will be published in Fall 2024. Raw data will not be shared with the public. Insights related to any one funder will be kept as general as possible. Detailed insights will be offered privately to each grantmaker, exclusively available to Future of Good members. More information on membership benefits and access to detailed insights will be provided in the fall.

If you’re having issues with the deadline, please get in touch with us at Please include “Top 50 Equitable Funders” in the subject line.

If you’re having issues with the survey, please get in touch with us at Please include “Top 50 Equitable Funders” in the subject line.

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