The social impact sector is “a microcosm of social exclusion,” says this founder

Candies Kotchapaw on inclusion and systemic racism

Why It Matters

With Black Lives Matter ushering in new momentum for racial justice, community builder Candies Kotchapaw says the non-profit sector requires an overhaul in leadership. In Canada, more than half of charities and non-profits do not gather data on employee diversity, according to a 2018 study. In order to truly serve marginalized Canadians, non-profits must prioritize racial diversity, particularly in management, says Kotchapaw.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The social impact sector is \u201ca microcosm of social exclusion,\u201d says this founder. At age 14, Candies Kotchapaw immigrated from Jamaica to Canada and enrolled in high school \u2014\u00a0upon arrival, her new school required her to take an English language test. Though she didn\u2019t have any academic challenges, the school encouraged her to take applied courses.\u00a0 Entering the applied stream made Kotchapaw believe that she would not achieve academic or professional success in the future. \u201cFor me, college and university definitely wasn\u2019t something that I saw myself being able to do. It seemed like an unrealistic possibility,\u201d Kotchapaw, now the founder of an organization called Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow Today (DYLOTT), s

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