The Canadian fund for charities’ overhead costs is here. Here’s how it works — and a major trend it signals.

A new appreciation for the essential role charities play in Canadian life

Why It Matters

Before COVID-19, Canadian donors were generally opposed to funding charities’ operating capacity or overhead — they preferred to support programming for their beneficiaries only. But the pandemic is changing this mindset. It’s also breaking the long-held taboo in the sector when it comes to talking about funding for operating capacity.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The Canadian fund for charities\u2019 overhead costs is here. Here\u2019s how it works \u2014 and a major trend it signals.. This year, fundraising platform CanadaHelps tried something new \u2014\u00a0the organization began creating funds that allowed Canadians to donate to hundreds of charities working on the same issue at once. One such fund benefitted charities working with Black Canadian communities, for example. And in early March, CanadaHelps created a fund for charities that were responding to needs created by COVID-19.\u00a0 They received many applications from organizations to join the fund that were doing just that, but something unexpected happened, too.\u00a0 \u201cWhen we launched the COVID fund, it was supposed to be about charities respondi

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