This new non-profit will push for climate adaptation in Western Canada

ClimateWest, headquartered in Manitoba, will provide data, consult with organizations on tools and strategies, and raise public awareness on climate adaptation

Why It Matters

Canada’s Prairie region has been hit hard by climate change. It’s experienced 13 of Canada’s 20 most damaging weather related events since 1983. A central hub for data and tools to help governments, businesses and people adapt could be necessary for the region’s making it through the next few decades.

A new non-profit called ClimateWest launched Tuesday, with a mission to provide information, data, and adaptation guidance around climate change in the Prairies. 

ClimateWest will provide these services to people, communities, businesses and governments in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. 

“ClimateWest comes along at a critical moment in one of Canada’s fastest warming regions,”  said Jane Hilderman, ClimateWest’s executive director, in a news release. “Our vision is to support anyone from municipal decision-makers to watershed associations to small business who may not have the capacity or expertise on hand to interpret climate projections and use climate information to inform risk assessments and planning.”

The organization is made up of a partnership between the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC) at the University of Regina, th

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