Community iftars during Ramadan help these teams connect and get their message across

How social purpose organizations can participate in the spirit of Ramadan

Why It Matters

Ramadan is a very meaningful time for many Muslims, when charity and community are top-of-mind. Hosting a community iftar is a chance for social purpose organizations to connect with Muslim community members they may not otherwise have connections with.

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A group of people have come together for iftar ⁠— inside a church. 

A long table has been laid in the nave of the Manor Road United Church in Toronto’s Davisville neighbourhood. Seated around it are people from different faith communities, who have all come together for this interfaith iftar at the end of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam. The iftar ⁠— the meal Muslims eat to end their sunrise-sunset fasts during this month ⁠— is preceded by a discussion of spiritual harmony from the hosts, the non-profit Intercultural Dialogue Inst

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