COVID-19 could change foundation grant-making forever

Will unrestricted funding become the new normal?

Why It Matters

Non-profits and charities are on the frontline of helping vulnerable people through the COVID-19 crisis, but traditional grant-making may not provide the support they need. In response, foundations are finding quicker, less restricted ways of funding their grantees. This is leading to completely new ways of working, begging the question of whether grant-making will ever be the same.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"COVID-19 could change foundation grant-making forever. Non-profits and charities are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis, plugging gaps in our social support systems to minimize the disease\u2019s impact on the most vulnerable. As demand for their services increases, these organizations are in ever-greater need for cash to carry on \u2014\u00a0or amp up \u2014\u00a0their work. \u00a0 Many small organizations were already surviving month to month financially before the pandemic hit, said Sydney Piggott, Director of Programs and Projects at YWCA Canada. Member organizations she works with, which include women\u2019s shelters and childcare centres, \u201cwon\u2019t survive something like this unless there is more flexibility in the way that they\u2019re acc

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