CRA guidance on non-qualified donees a ‘good first draft’ but leaders are pushing for several big changes before government finalizes policy

“It feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix this,” says Jehad Aliweiwi, executive director of the Laidlaw Foundation.

Why It Matters

For more than a decade, non-profits and grassroots groups have been stymied by CRA policy that has prevented them from getting grants from foundations. After a sustained advocacy campaign, that’s on the cusp of changing.

Peace Tower in Ottawa, ON (Photo: Pixbay)

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Non-profits and grassroots groups may soon find it a heck of a lot easier to access funding from foundations and charities. 

In June, following a sustained advocacy campaign, the federal government made a change to charity law that opened the door for foundations and charities to grant to non-profits and grassroots groups. 

Charity advocates

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