Canadian leads new global Center for Sustainable Development

The Brookings Institution launched the Center Wednesday, led by Canadian global development expert John McArthur

Why It Matters

With less than a decade before the deadline to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, COVID-19 has set back progress. Poverty is increasing for the first time in decades. Gender inequity is at a high. Overcoming these crises will take extraordinary global and whole-of-society cooperation, which this new Center aims to catalyze.

A new Center for Sustainable Development launched this week, headed up by Canadian senior advisor to the UN Foundation, John McArthur. 

Hosted by The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., the Center will focus on five central priorities, McArthur said in a digital launch event Wednesday morning: defining the challenge of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifying tools for sustainable development globally, promoting action on the SDGs in local communities around the world, advancing financing for sustainable development, and advancing American governmental and civil society leadership for the goals. 

The Center’s fellows are focused on climate action, sustainable infrastructure, inclusive growth, global governance, the future of work, job mobility, U.S. global development policies, extreme poverty, local cooperation on the SDGs

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