Why CSR Is An Outdated And Irrelevant Term

Talking Trends, Barriers, and Opportunities with Coro Strandberg

Why It Matters

Sustainability leadership expert Coro Strandberg notes that CSR is becoming a dated term and businesses are pivoting to purpose. At this time of CSR evolution, nonprofits can maximize corporate partnerships beyond philanthropic capital.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Why CSR Is An Outdated And Irrelevant Term. What is the current state of CSR in Canada? \u23f8\u2587 Many global brands don\u2019t activate their social leadership here in Canada because we\u2019re a small market to them, but that needs to change . There is always a bell curve of leadership: Those at the frontier of new thinking, the early adopters, fast followers. Those at the frontier of CSR are continuing to innovate at the edges. They took the principles of CSR more holistically into the business model. Now we call this the social purpose of the company. In so doing, it takes it from something that a CSR manager would do to something that the board and senior leaders do. \u00a0 CSR is undergoing a transition from a nice-to-do to essential-for-business. Why

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