DAFs can be a maze: Fundraisers, here are nine ways to get donations from Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Fund grants can give your charity a boost. In 2021, the average DAF grant was $10,000.

Why It Matters

Donor Advised Fund assets have grown dramatically in recent years, but many fundraisers aren’t sure how to connect with DAF holders.

The holiday season is crunch time for fundraisers. On average, charities raise a quarter of their budget in December — and fundraisers are the staff tasked with bringing home the bacon. 

Historically, charities almost always knew their donors, but times have changed. 

Donors are increasingly giving through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) — and unlike direct donations, DAF holders are not legally required to provide charities with their contact details. 

This can make things tricky.

“I’ll be honest, DAFs are a real

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