Desjardins launches $150 million community recovery fund

The Montreal-based credit union’s GoodSpark Fund will fund projects aimed at boosting the long-term socio-economic rebound from COVID-19

Why It Matters

Grantmakers across Canada are launching emergency relief funds in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s unprecedented challenges, but few are aimed at funding long-term community recovery. Desjardins’ GoodSpark Fund is intended to do just that.

Montreal-based financial services cooperative Desjardins has launched a $150 million fund to support educational, environmental, and employment initiatives in Ontario communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Desjardins’ GoodSpark Fund is aimed at supporting both grassroots volunteer organizations and established non-profits alike, focusing on causes ranging from early childhood development to entrepreneurial development to the environment. Youth-focused projects are a major priority. But regardless of a particular project’s scope, Desjardins is looking for those that support the long-term socio-economic recovery for Ontario’s communities — and they’re looking to approve them quickly. 

“Community initiatives are often the best plan of action against difficult situations like the COVID-19 crisis,” wrote Guy Cormier, Desjardins Group CEO and president,


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