Digital Conversations: Climate Leadership in the Social Impact Sector

Friday, September 25, 1-2:15pm EDT

2020 was set to be an important year for climate transition and action. COVID-19 has delayed progress in the short term, as governments, business, and civil society focus on mitigating a possible recession. The pandemic, however, is a wake up call for all sectors, including Canada’s social sector, to evaluate our preparedness and readiness to tackle urgent crises. 

Polls show that Canadians don’t want our society to go back to status quo post-pandemic — they want less commuting and less consumption, good moves for climate action. But how will social impact organizations embed climate action and a just transition into their missions? 

Climate change isn’t for environmental NGOs alone. The impacts of climate change extend to all social impact organizations. So, what should the social sector’s climate leadership look like post-pandemic? 

Join us during Climate Week to explore. 


Anjali Appadurai, Sierra Club BC 

Kris Kelly-Frere, Vivo

Eryn Stewart, Indigenous Clean Energy

Tonya Surman, Centre for Social Innovation