Canada’s social finance history offers a path forward for non-profit digital transformation

Katie Gibson, vice president of strategy and partnerships at CIO Council, on a systems approach to helping non-profits transition to digital

Why It Matters

In a post-pandemic reality, non-profits will need to digitize — in one way or another — most of their processes, services, and activities. But for many, the capacity to embark on digital transformation just doesn’t exist. Gibson says a cross-sector, systems-level approach is necessary.

I am fired up about digital transformation in the social sector. 

Canada’s non-profits provide vital services, often to our most marginalized communities. Yet many lack the digital and data infrastructure needed to maximize their impact. Ever resilient, nonprofits adopted new technologies to serve clients under pandemic restrictions. Now, Canada’s Budget 2021 has committed to a $400M Community Services Recovery Fund helping charities and non-profits “adapt and modernize.” We can build on this momentum to broaden access to services, create digital-first programming, and use data to drive outcomes. 

My career has focused on social impact, and nothing excites me more than innovations that improve how social value

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