Do You TikTok Yet?

The digital future is already here. But is your non-profit living in the past?

Why It Matters

A generational engagement gap is an opportunity for non-profits to change their ways to meet and engage young people where they are. In the digital age, fundraisers need new approaches, channels, and ways of communicating to engage young donors and inspire their philanthropy.

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It may not be a great shock to learn that 99% of Canadian Gen Z’ers (aged 19-29) are online, or that they’re on social media for almost three hours a day – or even that 46% of them are on their phone almost 10 hours a day.

What may be shocking, however, is just how few Canadian non-profits have figured out how to connect with all those networked young people. Many do not know how to use digital technologies, data and storytelling to turn a highly politically aware generation into willing volunteers, donors, activists and champions.
The CanadaHelps’ 2022 Giving Report, which surveyed nearly 3,000 charities across C

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