Does shareholder climate activism complement grassroots activism?

“We built on the work of advocacy and grassroots activism to get investors to realize that climate change is a collective problem.”

Why It Matters

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy and society requires buy-in and intentional actions from publicly traded corporations, not just social purpose companies. Shareholders can push for climate action should they choose to exercise their power. Will they?​​

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Does shareholder climate activism complement grassroots activism?. This independent journalism \u200b\u200bis made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering social finance, supported by the Suncor Energy Foundation.\u00a0 See our editorial ethics and standards here. Canada has been warming twice as fast as the global average. Among the many consequences of climate change are physical damages, like loss of biodiversity, sea-level rise, infrastructure damage due to fires and floods.\u00a0 A 2022 report from the Institute for Sustainable Finance Climate evaluates that these physical damages could result in $2.8 trillion in losses for the Canadian economy until 2100 if global temperatures rise by 2 C.\u00a0These losses have already sta

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