Dwaine Taylor joins Future of Good to expand professional learning programs

A social impact leader with more than 10 years of program development experience, Dwaine’s expertise will help Future of Good bring learning to a new level for social purpose teams

Why It Matters

Future of Good’s mission is to enable a smarter social purpose world. Deep down, we believe that knowledge resources and on-demand professional learning experiences for the social purpose world are vital to making tangible change in the causes we all care about.

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I’m thrilled to announce Dwaine Taylor is joining the Future of Good team as Director of Learning Programs. 

The addition of Dwaine to Future of Good is an intentional investment in advancing and expanding our learning programs and offerings. Dwaine’s unique skills and experience will allow us to offer richer, more customized and extensive professional learning opportunities and products for individuals and teams. 

Future of Good is pursuing a smarter social purpose world, and we see knowledge resources and live and on-demand professional learning experiences as integral to making this happen at scale.

Dwaine will engage Future of Good members and the broader social purpose world in envisioning and building an enhanced suite of knowledge resources and learning opportunities for social purpose teams and organizations, including how-to guides, courses, reverse mentoring, and so much more. He will also work with the editorial team to thoughtfully produce live journalism online events that bring to life deep insights into our stories and coverage.

To enhance the quality and shareability of our digital content, Dwaine will lead the vision to generate engaging video versions of workshops, talks and webinars, making them must-watch content for the social purpose world. 

In this capacity, Dwaine will also ensure the successful design, implementation, evaluation, and learning outcomes of Future of Good’s signature annual summits, including the Changemaker Wellbeing Summit, Social Finance Forum, and the Black Leadership in Social Impact Summit

Social purpose leaders and teams need nuanced insights, fresh knowledge and practical tools to make a more significant difference at work and in the causes they care about. Already, tens of thousands of social purpose teams utilize Future of Good’s learning events as their classroom for an hour or a day—and take away actionable insights they can use at work and to grow their careers.

Our events have already generated more than 500 learning hours, and Dwaine’s mandate is to expand learning programming to the next level.

Dwaine is a social impact and learning leader with more than ten years of experience in the non-profit and higher education sectors.

Before joining Future of Good, Dwaine held several leadership, program development, and community engagement roles with the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Carleton University, and ME to WE. 

Throughout his career, Dwaine has built equity, diversity and inclusion programs for Black and 2SLGBTQIA+ students, designed in-person and on-demand experiential learning experiences in partnership with hundreds of Canadian and international charitable partners and facilitated workshops for thousands of professionals in the social purpose world.

Future of Good is an ambitious organization with a bold mission; we believe that smarter teams accelerate social change. Dwaine brings extraordinary experience, competencies, and the mindset to lead our work in learning programs. 

Join me in welcoming Dwaine.