Election 2021 news brief: September 15, 2021

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Election 2021 news brief: September 15, 2021. Future of Good members get an in-depth Election 2021 news brief sent right to your inbox 3x a week, giving you the high-level info you need to stay current. Our special coverage equips you with actionable insights to help you and your team understand and prepare for what a new federal government could hold. If you like our content, please consider becoming a member. See a snippet of the brief below. As election day fast approaches, you may still be pondering exactly who you will vote for. If you\u2019re still feeling uninspired by the parties\u2019 platforms, look no further than our latest story for some policy ideas you may not have heard of yet. In the final stretch of the election, we\u2019re highligh

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