The Liberals have another minority government. Here’s how the social impact sector is reacting.

While some social impact leaders are praising Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his election win, others are urging his new government to buckle down on a variety of major issues.

Why It Matters

With the election over — and the fourth wave of COVID-19 washing over the country — the Liberals will need to work with the social impact sector to stabilize rising case counts, take drastic action on the climate crisis, and establish a national childcare plan.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"The Liberals have another minority government. Here\u2019s how the social impact sector is reacting.. Meet the new Liberal government, same as the old Liberal government \u2014 with a handful of new seats in the House of Commons. Sept. 20\u2019s federal election ended with a largely unchanged electoral map in what was always expected to be a tight race between the Liberals and Conservatives. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will continue on as Canada\u2019s Prime Minister amid a fourth wave of COVID-19, rising worries about housing affordability, the climate crisis, opioid crisis, and a pending green economic transition. Here\u2019s what Canada\u2019s social impact sector has to say about Canada\u2019s 45 th Parliament: \u00a0 Congratulations are in or

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