Elisha Dacey joins Future of Good

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I am thrilled to announce Elisha Dacey has joined the Future of Good team as copy editor. 

Elisha will support our team of journalists in the editing process and offer constructive feedback while ensuring stories are accurate, readable and engaging. She will build and maintain style resources like style sheets, content guidelines, fact-checking resources, and other editorial documentation. And she’ll work collaboratively with our managing editor, John K. White, to elevate the quality of published content. 

Elisha represents a journalism throwback — a copy-editors copy editor — who can balance Grammarly and CP Style demands with voice and tone. The entire reporting team welcomes her coaching and mentoring, the managing editor included, as everyone yearns for the influence of an esteemed editor.

She’s been in the trenches, suffered at the hands of traditional newsroom economics, and come out with her journalistic integrity and hunger intact.

As we strive to ascend to the upper reaches of the craft in our social impact journalism, Elisha brings the full-circle editorial skillset, raising the collective bar.

Elisha has worked in several newsrooms, from rural weeklies to online-only outlets, from daily TV, radio and print to CBC. Her proudest accomplishment was launching Metro Winnipeg, the city’s only free daily newspaper, in 2011, which grew to No. 2 in readership in the city before she left.

“I’ve worked for both legacy and new media, starting in a time when newsrooms were healthy to now, as newsrooms are being decimated. It’s forced me to be creative and resourceful and given me a unique perspective on the state of our industry and where we collectively went wrong.

“As the world asks fundamental questions about journalists, misinformation, information-sharing and the state of democracy, I’m excited to work for an organization that understands the essential and wide-ranging impact ethical media has on Canada and beyond.

“I believe Future of Good’s values and focus on the impact of systemic change will prove to be a model necessary to keep democracy alive and justice moving forward.”

Please join me in welcoming Elisha. If you want to reach out with ideas or a short welcome note, email her at elisha@futureofgood.co.