Episode 4: The Case For Shutting Down Organizations with Rahul Chandran

How to thoughtfully close down organizations

Why It Matters

What does a global humanitarian sector that’s fit for the many challenges of the 21st century look like? Rahul Chandran, a world-renowned humanitarian leader, talks about this and how to thoughtfully close down organizations — something that people in the world of social impact don't like to open up about.

For this episode of Edge & Main, Future of Good’s podcast featuring the ideas, people, and innovations shaping tomorrow’s world of impact today, we sat down with Rahul Chandran, a world-renowned humanitarian leader and recent Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Humanitarian Innovation. 

Rahul has found himself working in some of the world’s toughest humanitarian contexts like Afghanistan and has led large scale policy, peace-building, and innovation efforts, including at the United Nations. Rahul was also the author and managing editor of Humanitarianism in the Network Age, a major report on the future of humanitarian action. The report argued that information was a basic need in crisis response and was described as a “turning point for the use of

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