‘We are the victims’: Equity-deserving community organizations demand governments fix causes of anti-Black hatred

Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth Marci Ien, as well as Toronto Mayor John Tory, spoke at a vigil organized by 21 community organizations on May 19.

Why It Matters

Dismantling anti-Black hate, racism, and terrorism in Canada will require legislative change and a commitment to funding Black-led and Black-serving initiatives that is urgently needed.

The day after an 18-year-old white man allegedly murdered 10 Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, the Foundation for Black Communities gathered a group of 20 other community organizations for a meeting. They wanted to not only show support and solidarity with the victims, but also guard against the ripple effects of the attack in Canada.

This coalition includes the BlackNorth Initiative, NIA Centre for the Arts, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Youth LEAPS, Tribe Initiative, and other organizations committed to working with racialized people. On top of organizing a vigil in Toronto, the coalition drafted calls to action for all levels of government to consider at a time when Canada’s rate of reported hate crimes and online radicalization are on the ris

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