Here’s how a feminist approach could lead to a stronger COVID-19 recovery

YWCA Canada CEO Maya Roy shares four big ideas for rebuilding more inclusive, equitable communities

Why It Matters

COVID-19 is not impacting all Canadians equally — the most marginalized communities are bearing the brunt of it, both economically and in their vulnerability to the virus itself. These are patterns our government should not ignore, because they illuminate deep inequities in our society that need to be addressed with policy change.

When the Coronavirus began hitting North America earlier this year, there was some talk of it being “the great equalizer,” since supposedly everyone was equally susceptible, regardless of factors like age, race, or socioeconomic status.

In the weeks that have followed, it’s become clear that’s simply not true. 

Maya Roy is the CEO of YWCA Canada, which operates 32 service centres across the country and has in many ways been on the frontlines of the pandemic, as an organization providing services like shelters and affordable housing. 

And as the head of a frontline service provider, Roy has an intimate perspective on how vulnerable communities are being impacted. “It’s the most marginalize

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