What’s the future for early-stage impact investing in Canada? We asked 5 emerging investors

Early-stage impact investors say place-based and green start-ups can transform Canada’s economies and communities

Why It Matters

Impact startups and small businesses want to build a more equitable post-pandemic recovery in Canada, but they need support to thrive and innovate. There is now a fast-growing movement of early-stage impact investors supporting solutions to systemic issues.

From racial inequality to the climate crisis, the past year has further exposed and amplified systemic issues which desperately need to be addressed. Budding social impact start-ups believe they may have the solutions to help. Entrepreneurs are creating new organizations with a social or environmental mission at their heart.

But young businesses need help getting off the ground during this early stage of their impact journey, where they are just developing their business model or showing early traction. That’s where early-stage impact investors come in, providing funding, networks and business expertise to push these new ventures and their missions forward.

Early-stage impact investors are gaining momentum in Canada to bring their own fresh perspectives to these new businesses, offering insights from the worlds of business, social justice, international development and

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