Two co-founders of the Foundation for Black Communities open up about systemic anti-Black racism in Canadian philanthropy

A conversation with Rebecca Darwent and Liban Abokor, two leaders of the Foundation for Black Communities

Why It Matters

Despite Black communities across the country consistently calling attention to systemic racism, Black-serving and Black-led non-profits receive only a tiny portion of philanthropic dollars, according to a new report. And the stakes are high — 63 percent of non-profits surveyed said they will run out of funding to sustain themselves in less than six months, and Black communities will be abandoned.

For many white leaders in the social impact world, 2020 has been a year of reckoning with systemic racism. For Black communities across the country, little of what’s emerged is new information. In fact, many have been calling attention to the needs of their community members for decades, if not longer. 

Philanthropy has not answered those calls, according to a new report, Unfunded: Black communities overlooked by Canadian philanthropy. The researchers surveyed 40 public and private foundations and found that only six funded Black-serving non-profits between 2017 and 2018. Only two funded Black-led organizations. 

The researchers identified a clear need for a foundation dedicated to this work — and so the

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