Foundations open up about the benefits of cross-sector collaboration

The future of philanthropy is working across boundaries

Why It Matters

With societal challenges becoming increasingly complex, foundations are looking to play a more active role in social and environmental change. As more foundations move from traditional grant-making to cross-sector collaborations, here’s what they have to gain. This article is the first of a three-part series in partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada.

Canada has more philanthropic foundations than ever before. As they work across the country and spend more than $6 billion each year, a greater spotlight is being placed on the role that foundations play in social and environmental change.

Traditionally, foundations in Canada and around the world have tended to work independently, providing grants to charities. However, as government resources shrink and the problems facing society become increasingly complex, foundations are increasingly looking to take a more proactive role.

The global climate emergency and affordable housing crisis, for example, necessitates the involvement of everyone from citizens and governments to businesses and the non-profit sector. Armed with a large supply of capital and a capacity to take risks – without being accountable to

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