“Stories we tell ourselves as a society”: Four key takeaways from the Future of Good Storytellers’ Summer Camp

Speakers shared practical tips for unearthing the narratives informing your work and telling stories that connect to your communities

Why It Matters

Every social purpose organization tells stories — whether they’re part of a communications plan or more unconscious narratives about their work. Changemakers can benefit from taking a closer look at these stories and asking whether they’re helpful or harmful, our speakers say.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u201cStories we tell ourselves as a society\u201d: Four key takeaways from the Future of Good Storytellers\u2019 Summer Camp. Stories have immense power. And it\u2019s not just books, television, and advertisements, but deeper, underlying narratives that are informing the way we all move about the world. This is the message attendees heard at a recent Future of Good digital event on storytelling \u2014\u00a0the stories social impact organizations tell about themselves, about their communities, and about society. Speakers from various organizations and sectors shared how they use stories to make change, why it\u2019s important to examine the subconscious narratives that shape their work, and more.\u00a0 Here\u2019s a sample of what we heard: \u00a0 Do

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