We’re more dependent on tech than ever before. What’s the new independence?

Join Future of Good publisher and CEO Vinod Rajasekaran and Indy Johar, founding director of Dark Matter Labs, for episode one of their conversation series, Fragile Future

The world has entered an age of profound societal transitions. Never before has humanity been pressed to navigate and grapple with our responsibility for our future. We live in a uniquely important time — in which our organizations and narratives have the power to massively improve the human and planetary condition but also have the power to inflict harm well into a time we cannot see or feel.

We are at the precipice of creating the greatest intergenerational harm of any generation before us. The global pandemic and its cascading effects brought into sharp light the cumulative massive and micro-omissions — and negligence — of the past. No one saw these effects coming. People didn’t see it because they designed their organizations and worldviews to not see it. And today, we have a future that is more fragile than ever.

Join Indy Johar and Vinod Rajasekaran as the


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