Full video: Celina Caesar-Chavannes on why (and how) you should act now on anti-racism

“Democracy doesn’t happen every four years when we cast a ballot — direct democracy should happen every day.”

Why It Matters

It’s been nine months since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd and the current iteration of the global Black Lives Matter movement emerged. Canadian governments and civil society institutions made big commitments to anti-racism, but change requires more than talk.

The title of Celina Caesar-Chavannes’s new book — Can You Hear Me Now? — alludes to one major tool Caesar-Chavannes has used to make an impact throughout her career: her voice. 

An advocate for racial equity and the eradication of systemic and institutionalized racism in Canada, Caesar-Chavannes has pushed for change in part by sharing her own experiences with racism as a former Candian Member of Parliament and a Black woman living in a systemically racist world. 

This Black History Month, Future of Good publisher and CEO Vinod Rajasekaran sat down with Caesar-Chavannes to learn more — about the state of Canadian democracy, her vision for a truly inclusive country, what she learned about her own power during her time in politics, and more. 

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