Full video—digital conversation: the social impacts of redefining aging

To date, aging is largely seen as a cost to society. What if we redefine aging as an opportunity for our society, economy, and culture? What are the opportunities to reframe the value of aging in future skills, arts and culture, technology, employment, and social cohesion? 

We are all aging. Yet we have fragmented aging as the remit of the health sector, largely disconnected from the social, economic, innovation, and cultural sectors moving Canada forward.

The pandemic has made visible the extreme vulnerability of our elderly communities with 85% of deaths related to COVID-19 being Canadians above the age of 65. Now is the time to move the needle on societal recognition on the value of aging. Which organizations are already practising a more holistic view of aging? What are the ways intergenerational ties are being strengthened? How might we take an anti-ageist approach

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