Full video: Fixing the digital disparity—2020 Future of Good Summit

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Full video: Fixing the digital disparity\u20142020 Future of Good Summit. The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the alarming digital divide in Canada. Many in low-income, northern, rural, remote, and Indigenous communities lack reliable access to high-speed internet, making access to services, programs, education, work, and even friends and family impossible in times of physical distancing. Access to laptops and smartphones, too, is limited in low-income homes. And gaps in digital literacy and skills represent a newly urgent problem.\u00a0What needs to change? What type of funding will it take, and how can the philanthropic sector, business, and leaders in our communities, step up to close the digital divide? Speakers:\u00a0Fiona McKean, Founder and Chair, This

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