Here’s why the future of work needs to include Indigenous perspectives post-pandemic

Why we need to work toward a future that supports Indigenous contributions and talent

Why It Matters

If we want an inclusive and fair future (of work) coming out of the pandemic, it must also be an Indigenous one. A future that makes space for Indigenous knowledge and worldview, languages, and connection to lands and waters.

This piece is co-published by the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Future of Good.

COVID-19 has brought up important questions about the future of work — which professions are essential to a functioning society, or how digital ways of working might soon become the norm, for instance. 

But too often, these conversations about the future of work focus on the impacts of technology and automation and less on the impacts on populations who have been historically excluded from employment opportunities and economic self-sufficiency. 

This includes ignoring the present and the presence of Indigenous people in the labour force, the real-life barriers we experience to career entry and progression, and our significant pre

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