Mentorship in the social impact world has a diversity problem, say new founders

And founders need for more and better mentorship overall, too

Why It Matters

In Canada, only 50 percent of businesses make it past five years. With mentorship, that number can jump to 70 percent. Despite such evidence, there still aren’t enough mentorship opportunities for social impact founders in Canada. What needs to change?

For any founder, having a mentor is a key factor in success: someone who provides expert feedback, critical advice, a larger network, and connections to funding opportunities. This holds just as true for social impact founders — the ones pushing to create a better world. 

90 percent of startups fail, and that includes social enterprises. But for founders who had mentors? That five-year survival rate can bump up to 70 percent.

There’s a clear need for mentorship. Despite this, when Future of Good asked the members of our

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