What's Next in Tech and Philanthropy?

Looking at the future of tech and philanthropy with Jennifer Couldrey, Head of Upside Foundation, part of Future of Good’s Next Gen Philanthropy series

Why It Matters

Giving is changing and engaging Canada's fast-growing tech sector will become a massive part of philanthropy in the next decade. We must understand what's driving philanthropy in Canadian tech, how they give, and what trends are shaping their giving culture.

You’re filling a need with Upside Foundation: What is that need and why does it exist?

Generally speaking, tech isn’t known as the most philanthropic sector. When people hear these huge valuations and what companies are raising, they wonder why it’s not translating to donations.

Why is that?

Tech companies are not built the same way that traditional companies are built. They generally take a long time to get to profitability because they’re focused on scale.

Tell us about the Upside model. How does it work?

The theory is this: If tech companies are going to have a huge impact on Canada, how can we trade in the same value that they trade in? In other words, their equity or their ability to be worth a lot of money in the future. Our model works on the same timeline of value creation.

Walk us through the model.

An early stage company can come to us and mak

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