The global Future of Tourism coalition has called for a sustainability makeover. Will Canada participate?

Now’s the time for an industry overhaul, advocates say

Why It Matters

Tourism contributes 8 percent of global carbon emissions. It also employs one in 11 Canadians, and is the number one employer of young people in the country. How can the tourism industry balance sustaining its economic contributions with sustaining the natural environment it (and the rest of the world, too) depends on?

Tourism is a massive — and growing — industry in Canada. Last year, a record 22 million people visited Canada from around the world. Around one in 11 Canadians worked in the tourism industry, also the number one employer of Canadian youth. Tourism represented 2 percent of the country’s GDP. 

Then 2020 came, and things changed — quickly. As borders closed and temporary shutdowns discouraged domestic travel, the tourism industry effectively grinded to a halt. The industry lost 881,700 jobs between February and April. While tourism employs around 10 percent of Canadians, it accounted for

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