“Good political theatre” yields concrete steps at Ottawa gathering of co-operatives and mutuals

“Social finance money that is supposed to combat climate change and promote community investment is so easy to turn into more road construction and paving.”

Why It Matters

Federal grant applications often lack specific direction for co-operatives. Advocacy organizations frequently have to ask the government whether co-ops are even eligible. What’s the best way for co-ops to contact the government if they have questions?

Participatory decision-making took centre stage at the Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada conference in Ottawa this week, with some members of Parliament pausing mid-discussion to verify their identities with a selfie before remotely voting on a bill before the House of Commons.

The three-day-long conference brought sector leaders from across Canada together to discuss the future of co-operatives and mutuals, focusing on the need for greater inclusion in the creation and implementation of federal grant programs.

Ryan Turnbull, member of Parliament for the riding of Whitby and a former social innovation consultant, and Jasraj Singh Hallan, who represents the riding of Calgary Forest Lawn,  addressed co-operative sector concerns during a live question and answer session. The candid

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