Canadian non-profit boards have a diversity problem. Here’s the first step to fixing it.

The time for governance equity is now

Why It Matters

Only 38.1 percent of Toronto non-profit boards analyzed have at least 20 percent racialized minority leaders, 19 percent have none, and non-profit boards across the country have similar representation, says Senator Ratna Omidvar.

In June 2019, the Senate Charities Committee tabled its final report. Buried in the 42 recommendations is one that deserves reexamination given the context of the day. Canadians are marching on the streets in response to the global movement to address and end systemic discrimination. The anger and pent up frustration in the Black and Indigenous communities is palpable. Governments, corporations, the media and other institutions are all taking a hard look at themselves to ask the question: what have we done to address this situation?

What about charities? In the Senate report we took note of the size, scope and influence of the sector. It touches all aspects of our lives, from religion to sports, from seniors to young people. It also wields sizeable heft in other aspects: it contribut


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