COVID stole the spotlight from Canada’s health advocacy groups — here’s how they’re adapting.

Organizations advocating for patients have had to get creative to fight for the attention of the public — and funders

Why It Matters

As the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated conversation globally, healthcare advocacy groups find themselves in a battle for public attention in order to represent their patients’ time-sensitive interests.

For over a year now, COVID-19 has been a household name. 

As the pandemic has taken the spotlight in the media, and resources are being redirected towards its study and treatment, other causes — including healthcare for Canadians with pre-existing illnesses — have taken a backseat. 

Cancer patients for instance, have struggles with accessing treatments for decades prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic not only made it significantly harder for patients to access treatment, but to also receive critical timely diagnosis as Canada’s healthcare system became quickly inundated with care for COVID patients. 

Louise Binder, a lawyer and health advocate, says that she has witnessed this first-hand in her work as a health policy consultant for Save Your Skin Foundation — a non-profit that is “dedicated to the fight against non-melanoma skin cancer

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