How are social purpose organizations preparing for a post-Twitter world?

And why one organization championing the rights of transgender, gender diverse and intersex people is filing a human rights complaint against Twitter

Why It Matters

For many social purpose organizations, Twitter has long been a tool to advocate for, and organize movements around, particular issues. Under Elon Musk’s ownership, the sector’s ability to communicate with citizens, journalists and policymakers is now at risk.

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Riley Nielson-Baker is a trans rights activist based in Nova Scotia. They manage Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia (GACNS), a policy and advocacy organization campaigning for the human rights of transgender, gender diverse and intersex people, run entirely by volunteers – a team that once relied heavily on Twitter for its advocacy and lobbying work. 

And now Nielson-Baker and the GACNS team are about to embark on a huge undertaking:

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