How Can We Decolonize Impact Investing?

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is paving the way for economic reconciliation

Why It Matters

Over the last two years, impact investing in Canada has grown by a massive 81 percent, with $14.75 billion now invested in purpose-driven solutions. But according to Jeff Cyr, of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, there's one big problem with traditional impact investing: its lack of Indigenous inclusion. We caught up with him to learn how we can decolonize social finance.

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We recently spoke with Jeff Cyr — managing partner of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners and Innovation Council Chair for the Indigenous Innovation Initiative at Grand Challenges Canada — about Indigenous impact investing, social financing, and economic reconciliation.

You recently told the Globe and Mail that Raven Indigenous Capital Partners provides a pathway to “economic reconciliation.” What does economic reconciliation mean for you & Raven Capital?

Economic reconciliation means two things.

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