How is your work harming future generations?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How is your work harming future generations?. March 8 is International Women\u2019s Day. It\u2019s also my daughter\u2019s birthday. This year, she turns 7. About two weeks ago, my partner and I asked her if she wanted to host a birthday party with a few of her classmates. To no one\u2019s surprise, she jumped at the idea. The past two birthdays were over Zoom and she\u2019s at a point now (aren\u2019t we all?) where even if I utter the word zoom, she\u2019ll scream.\u00a0 She said she wanted the party theme to be space. I was imagining pictures of planets, galaxies and satellites on the walls, a photo gallery of women astronauts past and present. Maybe I\u2019d even build a mock lunar base that the kids could add to and play in. This would be fun.\u00a0

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