How to Make the Internal Case for Research and Development

Hit them with reason

Why It Matters

Business as usual won’t get us to the quality and scale of social change fast enough. We need new ways of experimenting, designing, and developing. Research and development (R&D) has brought wonders in other sectors, from life sciences to energy. The world of impact is starting to see benefits too.

From youth homelessness and social isolation in cities, to retraining pre-retirement workers and achieving economic reconciliation, problems are getting more complex and incidence rates are skyrocketing.  

This is where the process of research and development (R&D) is highly relevant.

R&D has been a key mechanism for other sectors to uncover pathways to significant impact and growth. Whether it’s Netflix, Airbnb, or Tesla, organizations that are transforming their respective sectors relentlessly develop new programs, services, or product classes — and continuously improve their existing suite of offerings.

What is R&D? Social Innovation Generation characterizes it as a range of embedded capabilities, tools, and processes, suc


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