Idolizing or demonizing one sector over another sector is dangerous. Here’s why.

What do long-term care homes, vaccines, and outdoor apparel have in common? 

They’re all caught, yet again, in the tension between profit and purpose. The pandemic has brought our attention back to inequities we collectively didn’t address in any significant way, and is now forcing us to grapple with longstanding tensions in our society — like this one. 

Since the fall, these tensions have hit new heights.

Just last month, Yahoo! Finance published a story calling into question the business of Canada’s long-term care sector. They reported that, as of June, the for-profit homes in Ontario had the highest mortality rate at nine per cent, versus non-profit homes at 5.2 per cent and publicly-operated municipal homes at 3.62 percent. This, of course, caused outrage and a lot of social media finger pointing, entrenching divisions between believers of private c

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