Impact Insider #28: 3 Ways To Optimize Your Work For Accessibility

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Last month, we saw Canada’s first national accessibility law come into force. The Accessible Canada Act aims to ensure a barrier-free country by 2040 by requiring accessibility plans from organizations within the federally regulated private sector (which includes Canada’s banking, transportation, governmental, and telecommunications sectors), with mechanisms in place allowing the public to provide feedback on organizations’ accessibility.

As part of the Accessible Canada Act, the federal government is also creating the Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization, as well as two positions — a Chief Accessibility Officer and an Accessibility Commissioner — to monitor accessibility issues and lead compliance. Except we have to go beyond compliance.

Having the Accessible Canada Act come into effect was a significant move forward, but then we saw the Government of Canada award $2.7 million in funding to accessibility app AccessNow to expand its reach across Canada in order to help accelerate a vision of a barrier-free country by 2040.

Inclusion has been a focal point as the world of impact changes, but accessibility is rarely part of the conversation. We’re thrilled to see accessibility getting the time, funding, and attention it deserves, and we wanted to make sure we learned a few ways to make a personal change, as well — so we sat down with AccessNow founder Maayan Ziv to learn three ways to start integrating accessibility into your workplace (and life!) this week. Hint: It’s not about compliance.

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1.Edge & Main, Episode 2: Moving From an Individual to a Collective Worldview with Indy Johar
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Climate change, poverty, hunger, division — these global challenges are all symptoms of a larger root problem, says Indy Johar, co-founder of Dark Matter Labs. To solve them, we need to move in a meaningful way from an individual worldview to a collective one.

2. 3 Radical Ideas From the Senate that Nonprofit Leaders Should Know with Tonya Surman
Why It Matters:
The charitable and nonprofit space has been thirsty for innovation for a while — but long been limited by the governmental regulations and restrictions boxing it in. Three recommendations from the Senate Special Committee on the Charitable Sector, however, could change that. Centre for Social Innovation founder and CEO Tonya Surman weighs in.

3. How Well Does Canada’s National SDG Strategy Involve All Canadians? by Katie Miller
Why It Matters: With just over a decade left to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Canada has put together an interim strategy towards achieving the goals nationwide. But how well does it involve all Canadians, and what can we do to further engage stakeholders?

4. How to Bring Fresh Voices to the Table in Philanthropy with John Michael Koffi, Heela Omarkhail, Nicole Gagliardi, Michael Redhead Champagne
Why It Matters: To reach new generations of donors, volunteers, and employees, organizations update their tactics and learn to reflect the changing communities around them, say four young leaders in a digital roundtable with Future of Good.

What To Watch Next Week

Canada is the 2018-2019 Government Co-Chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Next Thursday August 15th at 12pm ET, join core members from Canada’s OGP team — Thiago Fernandes de LimaJillian LeBlancLucas BealLeslie Cheung, and Natalia Little — for a #FutureOfGood Twitter chat on bringing inclusion to the open government movement.

We’ll also continue our exploration of the changing nature of funding and philanthropy with aprimer on community bonds and a look at how they fit into the social finance landscape with Christopher Trotman of Tapestry Community Capital.

What Matters from the World of Impact

Each week, our editorial team scans the top 50 impact-focused newsletters from Canada and around the world, so you don’t have to. We curate to bring you key news, insights, and analysis.

1. What can Canada learn from Germany when it comes to combatting discrimination in hiring?
Why It Matters: In a study of nine countries across North America and Europe, Canada ranked third highest when it came to discrimination in hiring. Not something to be proud of. The researchers who conducted the study believe less discrimination in hiring could be linked to active monitoring of diversity and the level of detail employers ask for in job applications.
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2. Confluence Philanthropy calls for increased diversity in impact investing market
Why It Matters: As Confluence Philanthropy CEO Dana Lanza puts it, “The economy is shaped not just by how capital is allocated, but by who allocates capital. In order to build a truly equitable society, capital stewards must reflect the demographics of a democratic society.” Fortunately, this report introduces impact investing CEOs and senior management to several ways to hire more diverse investment professionals.
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3. Women Deliver releases framework to help businesses build “future of work” that works for women
Why It Matters: The fourth industrial revolution is already changing the way we work — and that rate of change is only set to accelerate. According to Women Deliver, businesses need to take advantage of this shift to ensure that women can not only participate in the future of work, but thrive in it. Important considerations for work in the world of social impact. 
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4. Canada building out its nonprofit journalism framework
Why It Matters: We know that when local newspapers close, fewer people bother running for mayor and political polarization increases. That’s worrying for Canada, where — since 2008 — some 270 local news outlets have closed or merged in close to 200 communities across the country. But can a nonprofit journalism framework help save the industry in Canada?
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5. Los Angeles becomes one of the first cities in the world to track progress towards SDGs

Why It Matters: We’re just over a decade out from 2030, when the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals sunset — but for many, the goals can feel too large and global to track on a smaller scale. The city of Los Angeles is taking local responsibility for achieving the SDGs by tracking and reporting its progress towards the goals — and fortunately, the city is also sharing the local data reporting platform it built with open-source code, so others can do the same.
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Opportunities from the World of Impact

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1. Future of Good is hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist ⭐️
We are searching for a talented digital marketing specialist to join our startup team. The candidate will help amplify our digital content and grow our soon-to-launch membership offering. Apply by August 16.

2. The MATCH Fund is hiring a full-time Development Officer 🔍
Join Canada’s first and only international women’s fund as a full-time Development Officer, where you’ll be responsible for supporting the development and implementation of fundraising plans for the Equality Fund, with tasks ranging from implementing the overall campaign plan to assisting with proposals and grants. Role can be based in Toronto or Ottawa.

3. Women entrepreneurs in STEM invited to apply for Women Founders Fund 💪
Startup Canada and OnDeck Canada have launched their Women Founders Fund, which will provide micro-grants of $5,000 to women-owned companies in science, technology, engineering, and math. Apply by September 15.

4. The Summit on Canada’s Global Leadership is accepting applications for panel ideas 💼
The Summit is now accepting ideas for panels that bring together cross-sector collaborations to speak on issues including (but not limited to) feminist foreign policies, climate change, refugees and migration, global governance, innovative finance, and global health. Submit ideas by August 23.

5. Tamarack Institute’s Community Change Festival is now open for registration ✅
Community leaders, practitioners, and innovators are invited to join the Tamarack Institute for its Community Change Festival: an opportunity to come together with inspirational people from across the country to learn, grow, and share ideas, successes, and failures. Register now.

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