Municipalities contribute 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions — this guide will help you push for change

Youth Climate Lab and Climate Caucus wrote an ‘Infiltration Manual’ to help youth move climate-oriented policies forward at the local level

Why It Matters

Municipalities create 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions produced in Canada. They also control much of the country’s economic development, greenspace allocation, and other major areas of opportunity for climate action. Informed and engaged local citizens could mean massive gains toward a brighter climate future.

“It’s a bit tongue in cheek,” Ana Gonzalez Guerrero says of the title of Youth Climate Lab’s newest launch: Infiltration Manual: Pushing for ambitious climate action at the municipal level

“A lot of times, we want to be disturbing the status quo from the outside…but there is some value in understanding how existing systems work and pushing from the inside,” says Gonzalez Guerrero, co-founder of Youth Climate Lab. “We can operate from outside, we can operate inside, and all levels of intervention are really needed at this point.” 

Funded by the McConnell Foundation, Youth Climate Lab collaborated with Climate Caucus — a network of more than 300 locally elected officials committed to climate action — to write the manual. 

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