INTERVIEW: Maison de l'innovation sociale’s outgoing executive director talks about the organization’s achievements and where social innovation is heading in Canada

Patrick Dubé says La MIS has created a distinctive value proposition — one complimentary to Quebec’s support ecosystem

Why It Matters

Future of Good’s CEO and Publisher Vinod Rajasekaran sits down with Patrick Dubé to learn more about bridge building in the social R&D sector, Quebec’s unique social purpose landscape and removing barriers to social innovation in Canada.

VINOD RAJASEKARAN: This is a conversation I’ve been looking forward to for some time, but maybe we could just start with, for people who are not familiar with Maison de l’innovation sociale, maybe you could just take a minute to give us a sense of the mission and the vision of the organization.

PATRICK DUBE: So [Maison de l’innovation sociale] is an intermediary organization that is dedicated to eliminate or at least reduce significantly the different kinds of obstacles that the social innovators are facing in their social innovation journey. These obstacles can be of different natures — they can be regulatory barriers; they can be the need for skills or specific skills development; they can be leadership capacity that they need to develop; they can be

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