Is a social sector-wide tech upgrade possible? Leaders weigh in

Technology can make social impact work more efficient, more community-informed, and more innovative, but not without the right kind of funding

Why It Matters

A vast majority of social impact organizations moved most or all of their work online in a matter of days back in March, and many are still struggling to adapt. It’s clear by now that the move to digital isn’t a temporary blip, so the sector needs a tech upgrade — quickly. And the funding to power it.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Is a social sector-wide tech upgrade possible? Leaders weigh in. Coverage of this topic is made possible by IBM Canada.\u00a0 Back in March, seemingly overnight, tens of thousands of social impact organizations migrated all of their work online as their teams scrambled to catch up.\u00a0 For an already resource-strapped sector, a fundamental shift like this one is almost unmanageable \u2014 and wholly unmanageable for some, who\u2019ve had to close their doors or dramatically downsize. Simply put: the sector wasn\u2019t prepared.\u00a0 What will it take, now, to bring the social impact world up to speed and enable it to thrive in a post-pandemic, digital society?\u00a0 In partnership with IBM Canada, United Way Centraide Canada, and Community Fo

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